ScalaRL is a library which provides abstractions for functional reinforcement learning in the Scala programming language.

The project also includes a course based on Sutton et al’s book on Reinforcement Learning.

This site is A WORK IN PROGRESS!

What can you do with this code?

Notes on usage.

Using ScalaRL

ScalaRL modules are available on Maven Central. The current groupid and version for all modules is, respectively, "io.samritchie" and 0.0.1.

See ScalaRL’s page on the Scaladex for information on all published artifacts and their associated Scala versions. ScalaRL currently supports 2.12.


The latest API docs are hosted at ScalaRL’s ScalaDoc index.

Get Involved + Code of Conduct

Pull requests and bug reports are always welcome! Check out our Contributing guide for information on what we most need help with and how you can get started contributing.

Issues should be reported on the GitHub issue tracker.

A list of contributors to the project can be found here: Contributors


Copyright 2019 Sam Ritchie.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.